New Aesthetic Enhancement Platform, AEDIT, Partners with to Launch Mobile App

NEW YORK, May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — AEDIT, a new consumer-focused platform set to enter the aesthetic enhancement space, has partnered with machine learning (ML) platform to launch The AEDITOR mobile app. This partnership marks the very first app to have over the air machine learning model updates using the framework.

AEDIT set to create The AEDITOR as a means for consumers to visualize the results of common cosmetic procedures before taking the next steps. As a consumer-serving app, it is important to understand the users to the best of abilities to ensure satisfaction and maintain loyalty. By implementing AI and machine learning technology, users of The AEDITOR have a better and more personalized experience as a result of collecting consumer data to improve overall functionality. 

“ has enabled AEDIT to bring continuous integration to our mobile app and deploy machine learning models at a rapid pace. The framework has enabled us to improve our technology at a much faster rate than yesterday,” says AEDIT Head of Product and Chief Technology Officer Matt Powers

The revolutionary machine learning platform helps innovators, such as the team behind The AEDITOR, avoid the tedious and time-consuming tasks of building reliable and managed ML pipelines. In the case of The AEDITOR, supports versioning of model artifacts as the team develops incrementally better models based on customer feedback. then eases the promotion of models across development, staging and production apps with a user-friendly web interface. Director of Architecture, Wess Cope, worked closely with the team at AEDIT. “AEDIT frequently updates their model and now they can give their users a faster, more accurate experience. eliminates App Store approval delays meaning updates can happen in seconds instead of weeks.”

The AEDITOR is currently available to download in the iOS App Store

AEDIT is a next-generation, go-to source for anyone looking to continue or begin their medical
aesthetic journey. We offer trusted information about every cosmetic procedure available from
an unbiased, expert point of view and connect our users to the most qualified, board-certified
doctors in the field. As a one-stop cosmetic platform, prospective patients can search, learn and
confidently make the most informed decisions possible to attain their individual beauty goals.
AEDIT was founded by board-certified head and neck surgeon and fellowship trained facial
plastic and reconstructive surgeon William A. Kennedy III, MD.

Sarah Dalley, Head of Brand & Communications, 

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