NeuroSport™ Onboards EYE-SYNC from SyncThink for Athlete Brain Health Evaluations, Concussion Management and Performance

Palo Alto, CA and Deerfield Beach, FL–May 21, 2019—NeuroSport™, a state-of-the-art concussion assessment, treatment, prevention and ‘return to play’ services concussion management clinic, founded by former NFL All-Pro Fred Willis, announces today the adoption of the EYE-SYNC brain health assessment tool from SyncThink, a world leader in neurotechnology and brain health analytics. The EYE-SYNC technology will be used to assist NeuroSport™ clinicians in evaluating visual impairments, monitoring recovery, supporting the rehabilitation of ocular-motor and ocular-vestibular deficits, and in the optimization of brain performance.

NeuroSport™, has a mission to reduce the long-term impacts of brain injuries on athletes and promote the awareness and education of prevention and management among athletes, parents, coaches, athletic trainers, other medical professionals, and schools nationwide. Fred Willis is a force and a leader in TBI/CTE awareness and research field funding and co-authoring clinical studies all over the United States. This premier NeuroSport™ specialty clinic will utilize EYE-SYNC as one of its integrated baseline protocols to assess, rehabilitate, and address performance metrics in brain health for athletes of all ages and levels of play.

“NeuroSport™ intends to achieve its objectives by building and disseminating knowledge about concussion and partnering with youth sports and high school athletic programs to strengthen communities by integrating protection from concussion into the fabric of community life. We are excited to onboard groundbreaking technologies, like EYE-SYNC from SyncThink in the brain health space,” said Founder and CEO of NeuroSport™, Fred Willis. “The NeuroSport™ Concussion Foundation is actively involved in leading scientific research to better understand concussions in young people. Our mission is to develop better approaches to assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and return to play, and EYE-SYNC is a piece of that puzzle.”

“Management and prevention of head injury, as well as the potential long-term consequences, is of tremendous importance to athletes at all levels. Given his expertise and leadership in the field, we are thrilled to partner with Fred Willis, Chief Medical Director, Daniel Kantor, MD, FAAN, FANA and the team at NeuroSport™ Concussion in their cutting-edge work,” said CEO of SyncThink, Laura Yecies.

The EYE-SYNC technology, recently designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Device recognizing the potential to solve an important unmet need for providing objective measurements to aid in the assessment of concussion, is currently used in over 40 locations in North America. Developed over 15 years of clinical research and with 13 issued patents, the EYE-SYNC platform is a modified VR headset with infrared cameras that connect wirelessly and securely to a tablet where results are viewable to the clinician within 60 seconds.

EYE-SYNC is currently being used by top athletic and clinical organizations like the Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards, Pac-12 Conference, University of Georgia, Massachusetts General Hospital, Walter Reed Hospital, Children’s National Hospital, and Stanford Children’s Hospital.

About SyncThink: SyncThink is on a mission to provide objective measurements for brain health and empower people to maximize their health and performance. SyncThink develops revolutionary eye-tracking technology and analytics, in a VR environment, that assist medical professionals in assessing brain health, monitoring recovery and optimizing performance. With more than 30 published peer-reviewed papers and 13 granted patents, the SyncThink platform uses a series of 60-second assessments to objectively measure eye movements to identify impairments and offers multiple modalities to train dynamic vision. FDA-cleared for detecting eye-tracking impairment and used by leading medical centers such as Stanford and Massachusetts General, the U.S. military, and more than 20 top universities, SyncThink is transforming assessment, recovery, and performance for life and sport.

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