InsideTracker Announces Addition of Dr. Emil Chiauzzi, PhD to its Scientific Advisory Board

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — InsideTracker, a leading platform for ultra-personalized nutrition, health and wellness, has announced that Dr. Emil Chiauzzi has joined the company’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), effective immediately. With more than two decades of experience in the field of behavioral science, Dr. Chiauzzi will provide invaluable perspective on what drives success in achieving measurable health and wellness results.

“Behavioral science is critical for achieving the actionable results that a personalized nutrition platform can offer,” noted Dr. Gil Blander, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer for InsideTracker. “For us, it is a core pillar of what makes InsideTracker so rewarding for our users – along with superior science, technology and design. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Emil on two major projects over the past year. His presence on the Scientific Advisory Board will be crucial as we continue to advance this space by bringing together nutrition science, exercise physiology, biology, data science and now behavioral science.”

In conjunction with this work on the InsideTracker Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Chiauzzi is Head of Research at Tridiuum, a digital health company focused on measurement-based care. His work focuses on the application of behavioral science in digital health and he has conducted research in the use of online patient networks and wearables in managing chronic health conditions. Additionally, he is the author of Preventing Relapse in the Addictions: A Biopsychosocial Approach (Pergamon) and is lead author on Time Effective Treatment: A Manual for Substance Abuse Professionals (Hazelden).

The work that InsideTracker is doing is impressive, and I am thrilled to expand my work with the company,” noted Dr. Chiauzzi. “By analyzing blood, activity tracker data and genetic biomarkers and creating actionable recommendations, InsideTracker provides customers with unique tools for managing their health and improving their longevity. But while data and insight provide the roadmap, their motivation for implementing and maintaining healthy behaviors is what will take them there; I look forward to sharing my expertise so that InsideTracker customers can gain even more value from personalized nutrition.

As a member of the SAB, Dr. Chiauzzi will be responsible for leading key marketing and product development initiatives, applying psychological principles across the platform and pulling motivational insights from InsideTracker’s customers and prospects.

Founded in 2009 by experts in aging, genetics and biometric data from Harvard, MIT and Tufts, InsideTracker is the leading platform for personalized health and wellness analytics. By examining blood and DNA biomarkers and lifestyle habits, the company offers actionable, evidence-based recommendations for individuals to live fuller, healthier lives. For more information about InsideTracker, please visit

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InsideTracker is the leading personalized nutrition platform which generates ultra-customized recommendations to optimize an individual’s health by tracking and analyzing blood and genetic biomarkers using a patented algorithm. The expert system matches the most relevant, science-based recommendations to each individual based on blood data, DNA data and demographics, as well as self-reported preferences and goals.   Founded in 2009 by leading scientists in aging, genetics and biometric data from MIT, Tufts and Harvard, InsideTracker’s mission is to transform the way every human being eats, sleeps, and moves to live a longer, better life. The proof is in the data. Read InsideTracker’s peer-reviewed paper in Scientific Report.

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